Monday, November 9, 2015

E-commerce Predictions for Sri Lanka.

Technology itself is the name of vivid and innovation techniques that can influence the identity of any manufactured product. Its preferment in distinctive fields has raised the needs of users and enhanced the opportunities to bring contentment to their lives. Various fields like security, medical, engineering, mass communication and textile designing make considerable use of technologies to up beat their learning phases and services.


This research broadly incorporated the current e-commerce trends in Sri Lanka that demonstrate the fair percentage of technology enthusiasts as shown in the above figure. This also influences the increased number of consumer electronics and mobile phones’ purchases.

With the emerging sense of technological advancement, the utilization of online services have been enhanced for the last couple of years. The above image visualizes the traffic on the internet for online shopping with respect to daily hours. Most prominent time calculated is between 2 pm to 8 pm. online purchases have surely digitized the manual shopping techniques which are brilliantly implemented in Sri Lanka.


“Sri Lanka desires to familiarize itself with the latest and rising technological progressions if our mission is to achieve the extreme development in economical field.” said senior ministry scientific affairs professor Tissa Vitarana at Nanotechnology for National Development seminar arranged by National Academy of Sciences of Sri Lanka (NASSL).
Despite of the technological improvements done so far, Sri Lanka still needs to speed up for nation’s future advantages. According to the research report by Shabiya Ali Ahlam on Daily FT, the national income investments for science and technology is just 0.14 % which is against the settled target of 10 % for 2015. The abrupt need in development is portrayed by the figure of country’s national economic output which is US$20 million and economical productivity per person is US$ 2500.

Ministry of technology and research in Sri Lanka has mission to convert this country into a technically and scientifically determined nation by the year 2020. Sri Lanka considers this technical term to be the most superlative and advantageous. Hence, Sri Lanka is pacing the struggles to emerge on the peak of the digital and technological world and contribute in welfare future of this entire world.

With the passage of time, technology is advancing rapidly. Either it is linked to the amenities of online marketplaces like Kaymu or it is the invention of new computer chip, this world is in competition to gain the supreme attention and sublime honor. Like all other countries, Sri Lanka is also proud to be the essential part of this race. 

Kaymu has provided the wise research report on the ecommerce trend analysis with respect to technological improvements. According to this astute report, nearly 5 million of Sri Lankan population is very well addicted to internet which depicts the wide interest of the natives towards technological growth.

Moreover, Sri Lankan youth is widely indulging in the e-commerce. The above figure illustrates the calculated bar graph for the prediction of various age groups with respect to the percentage of e-commerce admiration.The individuals of age range from 25 to 34 have the highest tendency to venerate the current statistics of electronic business via superb online market places and internet usage.
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